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Introducing IAQ Multi-Sensors for Healthier Buildings


Your building’s air quality should be frequently monitored and optimized to comply with industry regulations and guidelines, especially in times of change. In addition to Honeywell’s TVOC and PM indoor air quality sensors, they are excited to introduce their IAQ Multi-Sensors!

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New Building Solutions to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

The following Particulate Matter Sensors use an optical sensor based on laser scattering principles and features innovative contamination resistance technology to perform highly accurate and reliable PM measurements. The replaceable sensor measures particles of PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.0 and PM10, with a continuous operation lifetime of more than 8 years. The sensor will provide long-term reliability and high resolution particle size binning for the detection of environmental dust and other particles.


These products incorporate the SPS30 PM sensor for accurate and reliable PM sensing. The SPS30 particulate matter sensor has achieved MCERTS certification, which proves the performance of the PM sensor. In addition, the certification confirms that the SPS30 can be easily integrated into applications that comply with the European Air Quality Standard DIN EN 15267.

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More COVID-19 Building Solutions

The F111 Media Air Cleaner is equipped with a choice of HEPA filter along with 40 pounds of CPZ to absorb gases and odors as they pass through the unit.

The solid state, Three-Speed Remote Switch allows you to control air flow and sound level. It can be mounted adjacent to the unit on the ceiling or on the wall for remote operation.

Efficient Coanda airflow ensures the purified air is re-circulated evenly in the room, eliminating stuffy air pockets.

Anywhere gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a part of doing business, you’ll want an air cleaner that includes CPZ sorbent materal

You will find the F111 to be propitious in spaces where particle counts are typically high and odors are a part of doing business.

Completely recessed in the ceiling, the F120 Series Air Cleaner delivers powerful, ultra-quiet, behind-the-scenes air cleaning

This state of the art cleaner works for commercial and light industrial air quality problems, delivering clean, fresh air with trouble free performance.

The F120 Room Air Cleaning System with HEPA and CPZ technology is designed to collect particles by circulating room air through a media filter.

The unique airflow design of the F120 allows dirty air to be pulled up into the filters fro t he centre of the room and distributes the filters, cleaner air out from vents located at each corner. This forces the remaining air in the room back to the centre, where the process is repeated.

You will find the F120 to be propitious in spaces where particle counts are typically high and odors are a part of doing business.


UV light at the HVAC coils can minimize biological contaminants growing on cooling coils and help mitigate the spread into the building via the airstream. UV lights provide cleaner coils and reduce energy costs by ensuring maximum coil efficiency and avoiding air flow restriction. In-duct surface disinfection is an effective way to keep cooling coils, drain pans and other wet surfaces clean.

Key Features & Benefits

  • UV-C light irradiates and disinfects coils to reduce mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Scalable design allows wide variety of multi-lamp configurations
  • High quality bulbs (2 years service life)
  • Installs in the tightest spaces such as PTACs and Fan Coil Units
  • Saves energy by keeping components cleaner

Reduces system maintenance

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Wiles-Legault & Associates (1992) Ltd. is vitally interested in the health and safety of its clients and employees. At present, we remain operational and are here to support and serve you during this challenging time. We are in regular communication with our partners and suppliers to assess any potential upstream impacts and minimize disruptions to the best of our ability.

Our staff and management have been working diligently and have been making every effort to provide a safe, and healthy environment for everyone. Safety measures have been implemented to provide our clients with safe and quality service while maintaining physical distancing standards and as the situation evolves, we are closely monitoring updates from governments and health authorities and we are prepared to adapt policies and procedures in accordance with government recommendations.

We thank you for your continued support.

Introducing GLAS Smart Thermostat from Johnson Controls


Inveno Engineering has a deep roster of internationally recognized experts in steam systems. Their team members apply their vast years of experience and expertise in steam system technologies when they review entire systems, so they can outline a methodical, detailed road map for improving their performance. Their innovative, thorough solutions help our clients eliminate premature failures and provide greater reliability, saving them time, resources, and money.


Inveno Engineering offers a variety of resources  that you will likely find very instrumental to your Steam System solutions. Their website serves as an excellent source of steam knowledge and steam piping best practices.

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One valve, one actuator, more control!


Johnson Controls is announcing the new addition of the ¾ in. patented version of the 270° VG1600 Series Six-Way Forged Brass Ball Valves with a Factory- or Field-Mounted VA9905 Series Electric Non-Spring Return Valve Actuator. The ¾ in. valve will be an addition to the VG1600 Series which already offers the ½ in. valve version. Both versions offer industry differentiated accessories, such as valve body insulation kits.
The patented 270° Six-Way Valve and actuator assembly minimizes the number of individual valves and actuators that an installation requires. This combination substitutes for four valves and two actuators, reducing installation time and cost. The combination also allows the control system to operate with just one coil for both operational modes, eliminating the need for a changeover valve to switch between heating and cooling. Plus, this one-valve and one-actuator combination delivers continuous flow control over 270° for more precise accuracy, resulting in more efficient energy use and improved occupancy comfort.

The following features enable the ¾ in. valve to be the market leader:
• Unmatched maximum flow rate of 7.4 Cv (6.8 Kv)
• Interchangeable flow disks included with each valve for reduced flow rates of 5.8 and 4.7 Cv (5.0, and 4.0 Kv)
• Dual stainless steel AISI 303 ball and stem
• Leakage rate A, air bubble tight
• Tested for 100,000 full-stroke cycles in harsh water conditions (900 ppm of iron oxide)
• Integral overpressure system to prevent damage to the terminal unit circuit
• Five-year unconditional warranty

The following features enable this valve actuator to be the market leader:
• Proportional control for AC/DC 24 V power supplies at 50/60 Hz
• Dual analog inputs for both heating and cooling
• Failsafe mounting system to ensure proper installation on the valve
• Manual valve shutoff for commissioning and maintenance



Johnson Controls is pleased to introduce the new and enhanced colour TEC3000 Smart Equipment Thermostat Series and Configurable HVAC Equipment Controller

Designed to deliver an advanced approach to efficient commissioning and innovative application configurations for rooftop, fan coil and heat pump equipment.

Offered in communicating (wired or wireless) or stand-alone versions, the color TEC3000 series is available immediately for ordering through your Johnson Controls order management system or by contacting your Johnson Controls Account Representative.

What’s New?

  • Modern design available in black or white model that features an intuitive color backlit display for quick setup and clear communication
  • Vibrant, high-definition capacitive touchscreen display provides responsive feedback and improved readability for real-time control status of environment
  • Improved temperature compensation and protection against installation variability to deliver more accurate control
  • Integrated humidity sensor and easy access to temperature override on Home screen for optimal occupant comfort
  • Dehumidification control on all fan coil models for multiple fan configurations to maintain space temperature
  • Configurable High/Low incremental actuator capability added to all fan coil models for extended support and ease of installation

With the release of the color TEC3000 models, Johnson Controls will DISCONTINUE the monochrome TEC3000 models effective July 31, 2019

The current monochrome TEC3000 units will be available for ordering through July 31, 2019 or until stock is depleted.


Wiles-Legault is celebrating 50 years of membership with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Ottawa!

We are very proud to have been a member of MCA Ottawa for 50 years.

Spyder Controllers

Spyder® continues to evolve and is now a more flexible controller that is easier to use and designed for faster installation and programming. Built to work with the WEBs-AX system, Spyder gives you the versatility you need to control more of your building’s systems, and the flexibility to communicate with the protocols you’re using. So whether you choose the Spyder, Spyder Micro or Spyder with Relays, you’ll have the right controllers, which can be installed faster for more competitive bids.

Introducing Johnson Controls® Products to Improve Daily Operations

Pneumatics To Digital in One Easy Step

The WT-4000 Series Pneumatic-to-Direct Digital Control Room Thermostats provide reliable zone comfort and enhanced energy economy via remote monitoring and temperature setpoint management.


  • Pneumatic-to-DDC – eliminates the need for mechanical calibration; provides longer, more dependable, and maintenance-free operation
  • Two-pipe, DA/RA dual control action – allows replacement of a wide variety of existing pneumatic room thermostats
  • Works in stand-alone mode with time schedule or networked to any BAS via a BACnet® IP gateway
  • Motion sensor input (WT-4002-MCM and WT-4002-MFM models)

The Power of Mobility


The Mobile Access Portal (MAP) Gateway is a pocket-sized web server that provides a wireless mobile user interface to Smart Equipment and Johnson branded system controllers and stats.  The MAP Gateway may be used as a portable that can be moved from site to site, or as a stationary attached to a controller.

  • Multi-Client Connectivity – Provides access to all identifiable devices connected to the BACnet® MS/TP trunk
  • Advanced Features allow you to view alarms, events, and trends; modify schedules; commission devices
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Commission, configure, and access equipment using Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices or laptops
  • Easy-to-use Intuitive User Interface enables you to quickly get the most important statuses
MAP_ architecture

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T8000 Series Hi-Res Color Touch Screen Thermostat

These stand-alone digital room thermostats with optional wireless accessories are designed to program and configure temperature control of a wide range of heating and cooling equipment, in both residential and commercial applications.

  • Programmable thermostat 3H/2C or 4H/2C heat pumpT8000
  • Optional Wi-Fi module permits easy web access through any computer or smart phone
  • Some models c/w an integral humidity sensor, enabling control of humidification and dehumidification
  • Multi-lingual display, configurable alerts, and more!